Resurfacing Wood Floors

Aug 23, 2014

5Should you sand & refinish your hardwood flooring or can you get away with a simple sandless resurfacing?

This is probably the most commonly asked question we get. The main things to consider here are; when was the last time your floors had attention, were your floors site finished or the factory finished type, and are you striving for perfection or can you live with some imperfections? Most wood floors that have not had much attention in 5+ years are not ideal for sandless resurfacing.

Next, Factory finished wood floors typically have an aluminum oxide finish on them. These finishes can present problems with a new coat bonding, so most times these floors can not get away with just a sandless resurfacing. Also, if you want the floors to look like new, then recoating also may not be for you..

Now that I have told you what wood floors can’t be recoated, or should not be recoated, let’s talk about those that can be recoated with our sandless option..

Floors that have only minor surface scratching or scuffing are generally a good candidate for sandless resurfacing. Sandless will help buff out surface scratches, revive the sheen or shine of the floors, and add a protective coating.  Any questions about what process is right for you, feel free to contact us anytime.