Gym / Commercial Floor Maintenance

Aug 23, 2014

gym floorMany of our commercial clients often ask us how often gymnasium or other commercial wood floors should have attention. Wood floors in commercial spaces such as; Gymnasiums, churches, schools, racquetball courts, yoga studios, retail spaces etc generally wear through 1-2 layers of finish per year. So these floors should have a maintenance coating done at least one time per year. By doing this one time per year you can prolong or prevent the need to sand the floors.

Sanding is much more hassle, much more mess and a wood floor can only be sanded so many times, after which point they will need to be replaced. With old floor finishes and waxes, you usually needed to be off the floors for days. However, new advances in floor finishes you can be back on the floors in as little as 1 hour.  Therefore, businesses can have us recoat their floors after they have closed and we can have the floors ready to be walked on and used by opening the next morning. Which makes for little to no down time.