Eco Friendly

We have an commitment to quality wood flooring, and are dedicated to providing eco-friendly finish and material alternatives to our clients. Their is only one flooring option that comes from a renewable resource – hardwood flooring.

Our Wood Flooring
Our local suppliers and the mill we import our exotic woods from provide products that have predominately been certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). The FSC is an independent , non-profit organization that tracks wood products from the forest to the consumer… This process helps to ensure that these products came from carefully managed forests.

Hardwood Floor Finishes
Rhodes Hardwood offers low VOC Bona brand waterborne finishes as an alternative to solvent based polyurethanes. These products are not only non-toxic, but also very durable. As these finishes dry; water- not toxic solvents is evaporated into the air, leaving the protective coating on the floor. These finishes dry in roughly an hour and fully cure in just 48 hours. We also offer several varieties of plant based non-toxic hardwax oil finishes including; Osmo Hardwax Oil, Woca, and Rubio Monocoat.  Most of our custom finishing techniques are also created with non-toxic products, and we have waterbased stain options that are completely non-toxic.


Dust Containment Systems
We Use very high powered dust collection systems. These vacuums attach directly to our sanding equipment. This helps to eliminate the traditional dust nightmare throughout your home. Eliminating the majority of the dust created not only makes for very little clean up for the home owner but also a healthy working environment for our employees and subcontractors.